We supply aluminium and aluminium-alloy products by rolling, extruding, and fabrication.

Bright Sun provides to all its customers appropriate level of flexibility and with products in certain niches. The Company markets aluminium products globally, and accordingly sells on dispersed markets.

Most important product groups are:
  • Plain Aluminum sheets and plates
  • Aluminum Strips and coils
  • Aluminum tread / Checkered plates/tread brite plates 
  • Aluminum stucco embossed sheets
  • Aluminum circles/blanks/discs
  • Aluminum foils for various application
  • Standard and customer Extruded profiles and sections
  • Fabricated aluminum profiles
  • Aluminum rods and bars
  • Aluminum ingots and billets
Buyers of Bright Sun's products are manufacturers and distributor of products for: 
  • Transportation industry
  • Construction industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Heat exchangers
  • Household appliances
  • Flexible packaging industry
  • Ship  building, moulding........