Aluminum Household Foil

Aluminium household foil (AHF) is widely used in cooking, freezing, roasting and so on, not only for their safety performance, but for their best effect in keeping fresh. We are supplying aluminium household foil down to 9mic in jumbo rolls, which will be rewound into small rolls.
  • Alloy: 1235 8011
  • Temper: O (Soft)
  • Thickness range: 8-20micron (tolerance: +/-5%)
  • Width: 280-600mm (tolerance: +/-1mm)
  • Inner Diameter: 76mm(3”), 152mm(6”)
  • Core: aluminum, steel
We would like to reconmend our mature products of 9mic foil, which could be rewound into more rolls from jumbo ones. Our customers are very satisfied with our quality.

If you need consumer rolls of household foil, pls send us the specification as well.
Aluminum Household Foil