Alu Semis Application


Typical Alloy



1000 series

1050   1070

1145   1100


Decorative products, reflector sheet, P.S sheet, household appliances, heat sinks

Excellent workability, corrosion resistance, weldability, high thermal and electrical conductivity

2000 series

2014   2017


Aircraft structures, transport materials, machine parts and frame materials

High strength, good mechanical properties and cutting properties

3000 series

3003   3004


Aluminium can, exterior wall panel of building and utensil, etc.

Stronger than 1000 series

5000 series

5005   5052

5754   5182


Automotive parts, architectural parts, container, van truck, can end, marine parts,  transportation equipments

High strength and good resistance to corrosion in atmosphere.

6000 series

6005   6061

6063   6082

Automotive parts, machine parts, marine parts, railroad cars

Good formability and corrosion resistance with medium strength, though not stronger than most of the 2000 alloys or 7000 alloys.

7000 seires


Aircraft structures, machine parts,

automotive parts, transport materials and welding frame materials.

Strongest characteristic among alumium alloys, 

8000 seires

8011   8006

P.P. Caps(pilfer proof cap), fin stock

Special alloys with excellent workability